DEFCO Offers Free Literature On Diesel Products And Services

Diesel Engine & Fabricating Co., Inc. (DEFCO) of Houston, Texas, one of the world's largest precision remanufacturers of GM EMD, Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar engines, has published a free full-color brochure on the products and services offered by the company.

DEFCO remanufactured engines and parts have been extensively used for over 20 years for marine propulsion, land and offshore drilling rigs, mining, and general construction equipment besides prime power and standby generator sets. According to the literature, the quality and reliability of these remanufactured engines led to the U.S. Army's selection of DEFCO engines for the prime propulsion power for the new Logistics Support Vessel (LSV) program.

The brochure notes that DEFCO is one of the few companies in the world that can rebore an EMD on the customer's location to exacting specifications, and that DEFCO engines, whether rebuilt, remanufactured as a complete package, or serviced at the site are 100 percent guaranteed to perform as specified. According to the company, customers will also find DEFCO's pricing policy to be more than just competitive. Engines, parts and service are priced to assure the highest quality at a lower cost than most are probably accustomed to paying.

For more information and a free copy of the literature from DEFCO,

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